Making the Right Choice When Replacing an Engine

When replacing a car’s engine, it is important to understand what repair options are available, and which will provide you with the best value for money. This Practical Guide will help you make an informed decision.

Fitting A Remtec Remanufactured Engine

Remtec Engines are as good as new, at roughly half the price. Remtec is SABS Approved, with all engines completely remanufactured from scratch, with approved parts, and machined to the original manufacturer’s specifications by specialist technicians. A Remtec Remanufactured Engine:

  • Extends the life of your car.
  • When you consider the cost of a replacement vehicle, a Remtec Engine:
    • is cheaper than repairing your car cheaply, selling it and then replacing it.
    • is the quickest way to get your car back on the road again.
  • Carries a benchmark ‘best in industry’ 100’000 km/ 12 month warranty, supported nationally through the RMI Workshops’ network.

Fitting A New Original Equipment Engine

A new engine is supplied by the vehicle manufacturer & the cost is generally beyond one’s means.

Fitting A Reconditioned, Rebuilt or Overhauled Engine

Often cheaper than a remanufactured engine, choosing to recondition, rebuilt or overhaul your engine can be, and a is a short-term ‘quick fix’ rather than a reliable replacement solution.

  • Assessing the damage to the engine for an accurate quotation of the repair is time-consuming.
  • Considerable time is spent disassembling, repairing and reassembling the engine.
  • Only the damaged parts are replaced or repaired, and the engine may contain some parts that are close to end-of-life, resulting in engine failure in the foreseeable future.
  • The reconditioned, rebuilt or overhauled engines may carry a limited warranty that may only cover a few months.

Fitting A Used Or Imported Used-Runner

Cheaper than a remanufactured engine, but is risky, as you don’t know what condition the engine is in. The cost of further repairs in the future may outstrip the short-term savings.

  • These engines have been removed from vehicles that have been in accidents or are end-of-life in countries like Japan.
  • It is difficult to establish the condition of the engine, so they carry a short warranty.

Summary Table

New Engine
Reconditioned, Rebuilt, Restored And Overhauled Engines
Secondhand Or Import Engine
Description Brand new As good as new Process involves cleaning, inspecting and replacing faulty parts. Sourced from scrapped or accident damaged vehicles.
Supplier Supplied by OEM Remtec Workshops and engineering companies Importers and scrapyard
Process Buy a new engine. Engine is stripped completely. Every component is checked and cleaned. The engine is engineered, approved parts installed. Engine restored to original oem specifications. Quality of work varies as there are no standards. The engine’s mileage and condition is unknown.
Method All components are machined to oem specifications. Parts, including pistons and rings, big and small end bearings and bushes, as well as gaskets, seals, timing chains and drive belts are all replaced. Usually only the faulty parts are replaced. The quality of the parts and components may vary. Usually the engine has often not been examined for problems. The condition of the engine is not known or disclosed.
Standards Made to OEM global standards Built to SABS standards and complies with strict ISO procedures. No standards have to be followed. No standards have to be followed.
Equipment Used Specialized equipment and tools are used by expert technicians. Varied None
Problems Worn parts are usually refurbished and may cause engine failure again. Vehicle and accident history unknown.
Considerations Long standing relationships with oems and national after-sales support. Often fixing the symtoms and not the cause. Warranty is dependant on the ability to negotiate with seller.
Prices High Medium Medium to low Low
Warranty Warranty 12 months or 100 000km which ever comes first Warranty 12 months or 100 000km which ever comes first Usually 3 months Warranty can range from none to 3 months
Risk Low Low Medium to high High