The Own-Engine Remanufacturing Process

Own-Engine Rebuild Engines are collected by Remtec, brought to the plant, remanufactured and returned to the customer. The turnaround time is longer than the Exchange Program but other engine rebuilders and reconditioners will struggle to beat it.


  1. Requesting a Quotation

    To request a quotation please complete the Quotation Request form on our website and we will get back to promptly.

  2. Quotation Response

    A quotation will be emailed to you along with a follow-up phone call shortly thereafter to confirm receipt of the quote and answer any question you might have. The quotation will be an estimate with a final price only being determined once Remtec has inspected the state of the engine at our plant in Port Elizabeth.

  3. Supplementary Information

    Supplementary Information will be sent with the quote detailing the solution that Remtec offers.

  4. Questions

    Should you have any questions relating to the quote, please email or phone our Customers Service Centre or contact your Account Manager


  1. Placing an Order

    Please send an email or call our Customer Service Centre or your Account Manager to place an order

  2. Important Supporting Documentation

    An Initial Request for Own Core Rebuild document will be sent to you. Please complete it and email it to our Customer Service Centre.

  3. Collection Of The Faulty Engine

    Remtec shall arrange for a courier to deliver a wooden crate for the faulty engine to be packaged and shipped in. It is important to drain all liquids from the engine and tie it down on the crate securely. Also pay special attention to the Dress Level that is specified in Remtec’s email. Please notify our Customer Services Centre once the engine has been packaged and we shall arrange for a courier to collect it. It will be shipped to Remtec with the courier costs being covered by Remtec.

  4. Engine Inspection

    On receipt of your engine it will be stripped, cleaned and the damage assessed. This may take up to 3 days. Should any of the major components (block, crank, cylinder head) be damaged the original quotation will be revised and you would be notified accordingly. Should there be no damage to the major components the remanufacturing process will commence. Should the engine be beyond repair Remtec reserved the right to decline remanufacturing the engine.

  5. Revised Pricing & Order Confirmation

    Acceptance of the revised quotation would be required in order to commence remanufacturing. Should you not accept the new quote, the engine shall be returned to you at Remtec’s expense.

  6. Invoicing & Deposit

    An invoice will be generated and emailed the person responsible for the payment. A 50% deposit is required on order. Please email confirmation of the payment.


  1. Lead Time

    Remtec shall arrange for the courier and pay all courier costs. This should take 24 to 48 hours to get to the desired destination

  2. Production
    • The remanufacturing process will return the engine back to the vehicle manufacturer or remanufacturer’s approved specifications.
    • The SABS standards followed for remanufacturing engines are: (SANS10278:2005 for petrol engines and SANS10274:2005 for diesel engines.)
    • This process ensures that the levels of performance, reliability and lifespan are equal to the original factory fitted engine.
    • These processes include the detailed inspection and checking of components against manufacturer tolerances.
    • Key parts, including pistons and ring sets, big and small end bearings and bushes, as well as gaskets, seals, timing chains and drive belts are all replaced.
    • Items such as tensioners and dampers are inspected and replaced if necessary.
    • Intensive cleaning, crack testing machined components and the deburring of reworked oil pathways are done.
    • In addition to having all key clearances, tolerances and end floats checked after assembly.
    • Complete remanufactured engines are checked for oil pressure and compression.


  1. Balance Of Payment

    On completion of production the balance of payment is due. If possible please email confirmation of the payment.

  2. Delivery

    Once the engine has been tested it shall be packaged in a wooden crate and couriered to the delivery address given. This should take 24 -48 hours to get to the desired destination. Remtec shall arrange for the courier to deliver the engine to the desired installer and pay all courier costs.


  1. Installation Instructions & Warranty Booklet

    Please open the crate carefully. A warranty booklet will be supplied with the engine. This booklet will provide the installation procedures to be followed.

  2. Installation Support

    Should you have any questions or require any support regarding any aspect of the installation, please contact us.

  3. Post Installation Questionaire

    Please visit our website and complete our Post Installation Questionnaire to review the process and experience. This is done in order to rate your experience with Remtec, and where and how we can improve our service to you


  1. Post Installation Service

    Please ensure that your customer has the engine serviced 1 000km after the engine has been installed. This is required for the warranty

  2. Warranty Questions

    In the event that the end user needs to contact Remtec regarding anything relating to the warranty, please contact our Warranty Department

  3. Warranty
    • The warranty on the remanufactured engine is for Twelve Months or 100’000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.
    • It is a national warranty, meaning should a problem occur, it can be taken to any RMI workshop in South Africa and does not have to be returned to the workshop where it was installed.
    • The warranty is backed and upheld by Remtec