SABS Accreditation

Remtec has achieved the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, in addition to SABS accreditation for:

  • SABS 0274 – Refurbishment of Diesel Engines
  • SABS 0278 – Remanufacture of Petrol Engines
  • SABS 0166 – Overhaul of Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment

These Standards ensure that we meet mandatory regulations as well as give us a competitive advantage in the automotive industry by providing superior quality replacement engines and services.

SABS Approved Replacement Engines

SABS standards provide the basis for your protection, health and safety:

Our Commitment To You

  • Standards ensure that you are protected from hazards to your health and safety.
  • Standards promote and protect your economic interests.
  • Standards ensure quality and reliability.
  • Standards ensure better operation and compatibility between products and services.
  • Standards ensure the availability of effective customer care.
  • Standards lower installation costs.

Our Commitment To The Trade

  • Standards ensure that we meet industry expectations.
  • Standards inspire added trust in our business and products.
  • Standards ensure improved quality and reliability.
  • Standards open new markets by assuring new customers that you meet their quality requirements.
  • Standards attract new customers.
  • Standards reduce the cost in the way you do business.