Remtec’s National Aftersale Support and Warranty

No matter where you may be, we’ll be there to assist you.

Remtec provides national aftersales support and warranty back-up, with technical representatives based in most major centres who collectively cover the entire country, whilst the national OE dealer- & RMI workshops’ networks are used as our warranty infrastructure base to facilitate replacement and repair work anywhere in the country.

Port Elizabeth’s Customer Care Centre is there to assist you with whatever query you may have and Warranty Department that co-ordinates matters with our technical representatives and the national technical/workshop support base.

With Remtec you will always have warranty- and technical back-up that’s just a phone call away. Peace of mind and reliability comes standard with a Remtec engine.

‘Best-In-Industry’ Warranty

A Remtec Remanufactured Engine carries a benchmark ‘best in industry’ 100’000 km/12 month warranty (whichever comes first) . This is the same as that of a brand new engine and is subject to the following conditions:

The following is an overview of the Remtec warranty. The exact legal terms details and conditions are available on request.

  1. This is a Nationwide warranty within South Africa only
  2. The engine needs to be installed by an accredited RMI workshop
  3. The warranty becomes effective once the installation has been done in accordance with the Pre Installation checklist and the Installation Procedures and a warranty certificate has been issued.
  4. The workshop is required to inspect, clean, service and test all the ancillary components prior to installation.
    These include:
    a. Engine management system (including sensors [e.g. Lambda], fault codes, etc.
    b. Ignition system (distributor, etc. including timing advance, etc.)
    c. Intake system (filtration, correct assembly/fitment etc. including dust and debris entry, etc.)
    d. Fuelling system (injectors/carburettors, filtration, etc. including fuel contamination, etc.)
    e. Cooling system (radiator, thermostat, hoses, etc. including fluid leaks, air locks, etc.)
  5. Should any of the ancillary components and parts be considered unsatisfactory by the workshop and or technician they must be replaced in order for the warranty to be valid.
  6. The engine is to be serviced at 1000km after the engine has been installed. Further services are required at regular
  7. intervals as per the service booklet by accredited workshops. Failure to do so will invalidate the warranty.
  8. Ancillary components are not covered in this warranty.
  9. Any damage to the engine caused by any failure of the ancillary components is not covered in this warranty.
  10. Warranty claims need to be done through an approved RMI workshop.
  11. Any repair work must be pre approved with Remtec. All faulty parts remain the property of the Remtec.
  12. The warranty will be invalidated if the vehicle has been used outside of its normal or prescribed use and tampered with to improve engine performance.

Summary of Responsiblities


  • Supply the engine.
  • Provide and support the nationwide warranty on the engine, including parts and labour for 12 months or 100’000km (whichever comes first).


  • Warranty the installation of the engine.
  • Ensure all supporting components are in suitable order.
  • Ensure that all installation pre-checks are done.
  • Does installation as per Workshop Manual and Remtec Installation checklist.

Vehicle Owner

  • Responsible for servicing the vehicle at the prescribed intervals.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and performance of the supporting components.
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